The Mount Junior Infant & Nursery School

Reason ◆ Resilience ◆ Respect

Year 5's routines:     Monday - Last day to complete work set on Dojo       Tuesday - Homework sent out on Dojo       Wednesday - PE       Friday - PE  & bring reading records in to be checked

 Welcome to Indigo Class

Who will you meet in our classroom?

Mrs Brookwood: class teacher
Mrs Riley: class teaching assistant
Mrs Sheen: class teaching assistant
Mrs Eamonson PPA cover 
Bex Lingotot Wakefield (language specialist)

Vikings for the Day

Our History topic this term is the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.  We visited Murton Park to learn what life was like for Vikings who settled on British soil.  Throughout the day,  we learnt new skills so that we could impress the Lord and thrive in our new village. 

We learnt to:

  • grind wheat into flour and make bread
  • farm the land
  • collect wood to heat our homes
  • make clay pots to burn our oils in
  • defend our village from new invaders

We Are Super Scientists!

During the autumn term we've been investigating forces. 

Which different forces do you think we're learning about in these photos?

We Are United Against Bullying!

We know that if we all work together to stop bullying, it can achieved.  We proudly wore our odd socks to show that we are all different in some ways, and we know that everyone is equally important and deserves to be treated with respect as we share far more similarities than differences. 

We love books!

This term, Year 5's book is an incredible story about a magical emporium and its creator, Mr Silver.  The Emporium, and Mr Silver, are in danger.   Can Ellie and Daniel save the day? 

If you enjoyed this book and didn't want it to end, don't despair!  The author, Ross MacKenzie, has written two more books  - The Elsewhere Emporium and The Otherwhere Emporium - that continue the series.

This term we are reading two fantastic novels: Cosmic, by Frank Cottrell Boyce, and Kensuke's Kingdom, by Michael Morpurgo.

Can you name any other books that these authors have written?