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The Mount Junior Infant & Nursery School

Reason ◆ Resilience ◆ Respect

Thornes Road, Wakefield,
West Yorkshire WF2 8QW

01924 371738


Our Class Charter

We will respect school property and make sure our environment is a nice place for all.
We will respect other pupils, staff and visitors by treating others as we like to be treated.
We will be helpful, kind and polite members of the school community.
We will always try our best, persevere and be resilient even when we find things hard.
We will always take pride in our work and everything we do.

Year 6 Revolution:  our battle against single-use plastic waste

Single-use plastic is a type of plastic that is only used once.  For example:  shopping bags, straws, plastic packaging and drinks bottles.

Violet Class have decided to put an end to the waste of single-use plastic that is destroying our planet.  If we continue to damage our planet, wildlife and the environment, the human race may never recover!

We believe we can make a difference by: aiming to become a plastic-free school; changing the habits of pupils and their families; helping keep our local area litter-free.

How can you help?

  • recycle plastic 
  • use re-usable plastic bottles for water
  • use sandwich boxes and containers rather than plastic bags
  • re-use carrier bags, or even better use fabric or long-life bags
  • don't use plastic straws, bring your own silicon or paper straws instead
  • buy loose fruit and vegetables
  • refuse plastic cutlery and cups
  • tell others how they can help

Shocking Facts  - Single-Use Plastics

  • Over 50% of litter found on UK beaches was plastic litter.
  • The UK uses a staggering 38.5 million single-use plastic bottles every day!
  • Single-use plastics are harming marine plants, which give us 70% of our oxygen.
  • Over 100,000 marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement.
  • Plastics take 100s of years to break down, and when they do they release toxic chemicals.
  • Thousands of animals ingest plastic every year.
  • Extracting fossil fuels (to make plastics) causes long-lasting environmental damage.

The day Year 6 fit the whole of the solar system inside the school hall...

During Autumn Term, Violet class studied the solar system, particularly our planet, Earth, and the moon.  A mobile planetarium visited The Mount and Year 6 were treated to an out of this world experience!

We learnt about what life could be like in the future if we lived on the other planets in our solar system and how we could adapt our lifestyles to do so.  We loved the fact that Neptune could be a permanent winter sports location and that people could inhabit such inhospitable planets.

Our heads were buzzing with ideas when we discovered there is currently a competition ( Google Lunar X Prize) which is challenging scientists, students,  engineers and entrepreneurs to develop low-cost methods of space exploration.  For the winning team of the 'new space race' a $30 billion (wow!) prize will be given!

Y6 2017-18

Our Team

Teacher:  Miss Brook

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Crossley & Mrs Sheen 

Pupils:  31 awesome, hardworking children

Things to remember:             online homework OUT - Mondays;                            indoor PE - Thursdays ;                    online homework IN - Fridays;                                                                                                                                 outdoor PE - Fridays ;                                 weekly spellings OUT - Fridays       

Violet Class' 'Trash Mob'

As part of our fight against single-use plastic and protecting the environment, Violet Class' 'Trash Mob' (a litter picking gang) went to Thornes Park to help rid the area of some of its litter.  The class was divided into three litter-picking groups and we were all shocked by our findings:  

  • over 800 pieces of plastic (bags, bottle tops, packets, plastic bottles etc) 
  • nearly 200 pieces of paper or card 
  • over 300 bottles or cans  


Thornes Park, and the rest of our local area, is somewhere we should all be able to enjoy.  If the litter problem continues, neither the community, or the wildlife that inhabits these places, will be able to enjoy these areas.



               NEVER DROP LITTER!


*fossil fuels - a natural fuel, such as coal or gas formed in geological past.

*entanglement - becoming tangled

*toxic - poisonous 


WEBSITE TEAM: Rehaan, Millie, Mateusz, Callum, Tyler, Milosz, Domonic, Rehan