Art and Design

The subject leader for Art and Design is Miss Fletcher.


Why we teach Art

At The Mount Primary School our art and design curriculum will inspire children to engage with art. The curriculum equips pupils with the knowledge and skills to experiment with techniques and create their own works of art.

The aims of our art and design curriculum are:

  • To develop children’s ability to control materials, tools and techniques.
  • To enable children to create art from first-hand experience and their own imagination.
  • To develop an appreciation and enjoyment of works by artists, craftspeople and designers.
  • To enable children to think critically about their art work and reflect these in their artistic choices.
  • To record children’s artistic journey in sketchbooks.

How we teach Art

Our pupils develop their skills and ideas through the use of sketchbooks, exploring artist’s work and techniques and evaluating their own works of art. Children will start to experiment with techniques used by artists and make decisions based on their outcomes.

As children progress, they will have opportunities to think critically and develop their understanding of Art and Design. They will share this through discussion, written work and evaluations.

Teachers plan carefully to ensure that children are exposed to works of famous artists and sequence learning to build upon skills learnt previously. Children spend time learning or researching artists to discover more about the history of art.

Art Overview

Art Progression of Knowledge Skills Vocab.docx .docx
Art skills overview.docx .docx
EYFS Pointilism Painting

EYFS Pointilism Painting


Year 3 Charcoal and Pastel Cave Paintings


Year 6 Hepworth Sculpture Sketch


Year 1 apply their paint and colour skills to create 'Kandinsky' paintings


Year 4 Still Life Texture Work

Year 2 Visit the Hepworth Gallery

Year 2 Visit the Hepworth Gallery

Year 5 Portraits

Year 5 Portraits

Here's what our children say about Art at The Mount. 

What is art?

"It doesn't have to mean anything. It just has to be yours." - Year 3

"You express your creativity." - Year 3

"Art describes your personality. It lets you express your feelings on that piece of paper." - Year 4

"Art is calming, passionate and peaceful." - Year 5

"Art is something that you put effort into to improve." - Year 6

"It gives you time to relax." - Year 6


How do you improve in art?

"By practising." - Year 1

"Look back at your other work and make changes." - Year 3

"Listen to new techniques." - Year 4

"Add expression into your work." - Year 4

"Learn from other people." - Year 4

"Use your resilience." - Year 5

"Take your time and don't rush." - Year 6

"Practise using lots of different techniques." - Year 6


How do you feel during art lessons?

"Really good because you can draw amazing stuff!" - Year 1

"I feel excited and confident." - Year 2

"Excited to learn new things." - Year 3

"Concentrated and focused." - Year 3

"Comfortable and free." - Year 5


Why do people make art? 

"To draw the best drawing ever." - Year 1

"To get better and better." - Year 2

"So people can make money." - Year 3 

"To calm themselves." - Year 3

"To travel into a new universe and express your creativity." - Year 4

"It makes them happy." - Year 4

"To let their feelings out." - Year 5

"People do art as their job or as a hobby." - Year 5
"To inpsire others." - Year 6