The subject leader for Computing is Mr Haigh.

We love computing here at The Mount! 

At The Mount Junior and Infant School, learners are encouraged to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of computer science. The computing curriculum here engages children to develop computational thinking and creativity to help them to understand and adapt to a world in which technology changes rapidly. As our pupil’s safety is of our upmost priority, we ensure that e-safety is at the fore-front of our computing curriculum by having e-safety units as part of our Purple Mash scheme and helping parents by publishing Online Safety Guides on Dojo as well as our website. Please click the link below to find out more. If you would like to know more about online safety, our 'Online Safety' progression planning can be found below. 


Computing Skills

Progression of Skills.pdf .pdf
Online Safety Progression.pdf .pdf
Computing Long Term Plan Overview.pdf .pdf

Computing Vocabulary

Year 1 Computing Vocabulary PM.pdf .pdf
Year 2 Computing Vocabulary PM.pdf .pdf
Year 3 Computing Vocabulary PM.pdf .pdf
Year 4 Computing Vocabulary PM.pdf .pdf
Year 5 Computing Vocabulary PM.pdf .pdf
Year 6 Computing Vocabulary PM.pdf .pdf

Computing Knowledge

Year 1 - Knowledge Organisers PM.pdf .pdf
Year 2 - Knowledge Organisers PM.pdf .pdf
Year 3 - Knowledge Organiser - PM.pdf .pdf
Year 4 Knowledge organisers PM.pdf .pdf
Year 5 - Knowledge Organiser - PM.pdf .pdf
Year 6 - Knowledge Organiser PM.pdf .pdf

Why we teach Computing

At The Mount, we love computing and all the challenges the curriculum offers. We want our children to understand the potential of technology and start to build computing skills for the future. We want them to become digital creators, using technology to support other areas of their work and lives, and also to understand the responsibilities of being digital consumers on their time, relationships and wellbeing. We know the digital workplace is continuously evolving and want them to grow up wanting to a part of that as software engineers, video game designers, web developers or IT consultants. At The Mount, our computing curriculum strives to develop resilient, reflective, creative and independent learners. It gives space for children to become “computational thinkers”, tackling complex problems, making mistakes and learning from them. It also engages our children, through the creative use of technology, to prepare pupils for the demands of the 21st century and the technological world that awaits them in the future. As well as the huge potential of technology, we teach our children to understand the challenges and problems it can create. We teach them to become good digital citizens, to know how to stay safe and keep others safe online, to be aware of the need to test out what and who they see and the importance of what they share in creating their own digital footprint.


How we teach Computing

  • At The Mount, we follow the Purple Mash scheme of work but incorporate other schemes and tools when needed, such as Microsoft packages and Scratch for coding.
  • Computing units are categorised into elements of Digital Literacy, Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • Children complete computing units half-termly, but digital literacy is embedded in all subjects and is used on a daily basis to enhance and support the learning of other curriculum areas.
  • The school uses a suite of core applications linked to the scheme, which enable children to develop and progress their skills through-out school. 
  • Topics are blocked to allow children to focus on developing their knowledge and skills, studying each topic in depth.
  • Children have access to iPads, Chromebooks and desktops to support all areas of the curriculum. 
  • In computing lessons, some children use a mixture of laptops and desktops computers which allows them to practice basic mouse and keyboard skills.
  • Teachers follow a clear progression of skills which ensure all pupils are challenged inline with their year group expectations and are given the opportunity to build on their prior knowledge. To support teaching, staff access a range of resources and planning including Purple Mash videos, Scratch and Rising Stars.
  • Our Foundation Assessment Tracker allows us to use data to inform future practice.
  • The role of parents is recognised and they are involved in understanding how to keep their children safe at home by regular updates on Class Dojo using the guidance from National Online Safety.


Staff ensure that skills build on those that have been attained in previous years to consolidate and build on them as they move through school. Families at our school use technology responsibly, in line with the school’s acceptable use policies. Many parents engage with the school’s Class Dojo to keep up-to-date with developments that are happening in school. This year, a selection of children from Upper Key Stage 2 are chosen to become Digital Leaders. These children are trained to support children that may encounter issues online and help them accordingly. They hold informative assemblies for children, aid in data collection, push school initiatives and report any issues that they are told to a member of staff.

If you are struggling to access our Purple Mash portal from home,  use the link below. There is a screenshot of what should appear if you have done this correctly. You will need your username and password. 

Purple Mash by 2Simple 

Here is a list of websites that we use regularly in school:

Purple Mash - 

Education City -

Times Table Rock Stars -

NumBots - -

Here are some examples of our Computing work


As part of her writing unit, Isabella wrote a brilliant newspaper article about the cast of Matilda taking over our school! She then used a blank newspaper template on Purple Mash to bring it to life. Remember, there are lots of writing templates on Purple Mash if you'd like to try one. 

Above, you can see our keen students learning and applying their skills of spreadsheets in Excel. This term they have entered information in cells, used formulas for all four operations and presented their own data and findings in a table. 

Above is a video created and edited using iMovie by Evie and Molly. The advert is a warning TV advert to make the public aware of the incredibly dangerous 'Lost Thing'. This was inspired by the book 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan. 


A Year 3 Roman recruitment poster made in Publisher

The images above show the progress the children are making in different year groups using spreadsheets. This is part of our Purple Mash unit using the 2Calculate tool.  

A fantastic poster of Victorian Inventions made in PowerPoint by Connor in Year 4.

An information poster created to show the different layers in the Amazon Rainforest


Would you like to make your own quiz on Scratch? If you would, then visit the Scratch website and follow the code below.