Personal, Social, Health Education (&RSE)
The subject leader for PSHE and RSE is Mrs Eastwood.

At The Mount Junior, Infant and Nursery School, we teach Personal, Social, Health Education as a whole-school approach to underpin children’s development as people and because we believe that this also supports their learning capacity. 

The Jigsaw Programme offers us a comprehensive, carefully thought-through Scheme of Work which brings consistency and progression to our children’s learning in this vital curriculum area.


This also supports the “Personal Development” and “Behaviour and Attitude” aspects required under the Ofsted Inspection Framework, as well as significantly contributing to the school’s Safeguarding and Equality Duties, the Government’s British Values agenda and the SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural) development opportunities provided for our children.


During our assemblies on Mondays, the whole-school PSHE theme is explored, then rewarded during our Celebration Assembly on Fridays. These assemblies also reinforce our core values of Reason, Resilience, Respect. 


'Calm Me' is an element of the Jigsaw lesson that helps children to practise mindfulness.  Click play on the audio below to practise this at home. 


PSHE Progression

Jigsaw PSHE Progression Map.docx .docx
PSHE Jigsaw Content Overview.pdf .pdf

Relationship, Sex and Health Education

Before beginning to roll out RSHE across school, we carried out a staff and parent consultation.  Comments were addressed by school leaders, and taken into account by the Governing Board who agreed that the teaching of RSHE using the Jigsaw PSHE programme should go ahead. 

The Jigsaw PSHE programme includes lessons on ALL aspects of compulsory Relationships and Health Education, designed in a sensitive, spiral, age-appropriate curriculum. It also has a few lessons on human reproduction in Key Stage 2 to ensure children know the accurate facts concerning this before going to secondary school, and to ensure children understand why the body changes in adolescence.

At the Mount, we teach RSHE (Relationship, Sex and Health Education) as part of PSHE, which means that parents are able to withdraw their children from lessons that cover 'intercourse, conception and birth'.  This needs to be done in writing via the school office. 

At The Mount, we believe this work is an important part of safeguarding children, as knowledge empowers them, helping them to stay safe and cope with puberty understanding why their bodies will change.

PSHE and RSHE Policy

PSHE and RSHE Policy May 2021.pdf .pdf


We also use elements of The Wakefield Resilience Framework as part of PSHCE lessons and activities. The purpose of the framework is to reduce risk and to build resilience. In doing so, it aims to improve health, educational and social outcomes for children and young people.

We are passionate about all of our pupils understanding and using resilience within their lives both in school and in their personal lives. We believe that resilience strongly underpins many other aspects of learning and it is vital for our children in order for them to be successful and confident learners.